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Lawn Aeration Services

Make Your Lawn Thicker & Healthier with Lawn Aeration & Overseed

When it comes to relieving compressed soil and allowing for stronger root growth, lawn aerations are a powerful solution.

In this technique, thousands of tiny holes are taken out of your lawn, creating pockets that encourage root growth, and also serve as growing pockets for new seed. These holes allow moisture to pass to the root system, allowing your lawn to obtain more nutrients to thrive.

Lawn aeration is a preferable alternative to dethatching a lawn, a process that consists of using a machine that rakes out the dead grass blades from your lawn. This is dangerous for your lawn because the dethatching process often damages the crown of the plant, leading to more dead grass. Aeration not only dethatches your lawn safely, but it also provides the dead grass that isn’t removed a place to decompose, delivering nutrients to the turf’s root system.

When combined with overseeding, aerating leads to a more dense turf, and more grass growing chokes out weeds and other unwanted grass varieties.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

  • Relief of compressed soil (especially beneficial to high clay areas)

  • Stimulates proper root growth

  • Create pockets to deliver food and water directly to roots

  • Dethatches lawn in a safe manner

Lawn Aeration

If you’re looking for a way to make your lawn thicker and healthier, lawn aeration can help. Here at Greenpoint, we leverage years of experience and industry knowledge to deliver you the best results.

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