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1 Price - 1 Great Summer Deal!

No Questions Asked.


Greenpoint™ Pest Specialists l Mosquito Control

     This spring has been one of the wettest springs on record and the amount of puddles and standing water will lead to an outbreak and abundance of mosquito larvae and adult mosquitos.  Protect your loved ones this Summer and help take back your lawn from hungry mosquitos.  We offer Mosquito & Pest control to help with the growing nuisance. 

     The applications consist of spraying all the harboring areas where mosquitos live.  Trees, shrubs, mulch beds, and wet areas around the house with insecticide.  Breaking the Mosquitos life cycle will help drastically reduce and eliminate the booming Mosquito population this season. 

     Mosquitos are a bit territorial and don’t travel far from where they hatch.  Thus, spraying around your property will reduce populations, help break their life cycle, and eliminate those pesky blood suckers.  The insecticide has about a 4 week residual so all we would need to do is 3 applications to finish out the year once in July, August, and September for a reduced price of $169.97 + tax.  That’s 60% off the retail price.


     Last but not least, we are adding 3 treatments of Perimeter Pest Control absolutely free of charge.  This prevents insects and other intruders from entering your home with Greenpoint’s Perimeter Pest Control service. We create a barrier around your home that eliminates any pests, on contact, that attempt to cross it, leaving you and your family ready for summer fun!


Licensed & Certified Technicians 

Our technicians  have been treating treating lawns and caring for properties for years.  When you choose a lawn car company, it comes down to who is treating your lawn.  Nothing tops experience and our technicians are professionals that have been in the green industry for years.

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